Wednesday, December 14, 2011

D is Usually for Daneli, but today it stands for for DIVA

When Miss Lara Fiarelli of Lara's Theme Bridal Shop said, "I have this satin vintage robe with ostrich feathers up the sleeves, will you shoot me in my Boudoir? ", I thought," heck yeah sugar, how can I refuse?" I'm a sucker for vintage Lingerie and since I know Lara is a PRO at "setting the stage" (she is a seasoned Wedding planner/Floral artist) I was definitely looking forward to this Hollywood themed storyline like a huge slice of chocolate cake.
   Visions of Garbo lounging over a couch or Hepburn flashed before my eyes, but Lara is a redhead so maybe Greer Garson or Lara Bow were better inspirations.
 Walking into her home I was pleased, though not surprised to see that she had set the stage. On a make-up vanity sat an Iron Swivel Mirror, a vintage vase with a fern curling over the top, vintage diamond Jewelry, and loads of white feathers.  With bits of black peeping thru the robe, this Hollywood dynamo was well on her way.......
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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Little Princess

  It's no secret that I love to photograph children, and baby Lilly is one of my favorites. It could be her bouncy golden hair, that in the right light, surrounds her face like an angelic halo, or it could be her fabulous taste in faux fur boots, which I'm forever threatening to borrow. (She swears they won't fit me;) Maybe it's her hilariously, innocent statements which leave me in tearful giggles and her mother sending prayers heavanward.

      Whatever the reason baby Lilly is an amazing little girl who is as beautiful inside as she is out.

     This year based on a tip from a friend, (thank you Friend;-), we decided to shoot on fabulous Worth Avenue in Palm Beach Florida. Her 1st trip to Tiffany's left her feeling a bit disappointed especially when she realized the pretty blue wallets she was admiring were empty, but the shiny silver elevator left her suitably impressed. We peaked into Cartiers  window where she spied a gorgeous diamond necklace, and Chanel was sweet enough to give a stationary for a quick letter to Santa.

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     We negotiated a few pics in front of the square's giant Christmas tree on the condition she could toss some pennies into the nearby fountain, and we ended the day with a trip to sprinkles, the local ice cream shop, where she chose a lovely pink ice cream that happened to match her sweet little earmuffs and gingerbread pillbox purse. A fabulous end to a fabulous day, and a girl after my own heart. Baby Lilly, you are a gem.
Thank you to Lara Fiarelli of Laras theme for helping style this shoot! 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy birthday Gea!

It seems only yesterday that we took these pictures, yet it's been almost a year. If such a thing is possible, you get prettier with every birthday.
I am looking forward to sharing our latest works, an editorial for a bridal magazine. Happy birthday!!