Thursday, March 29, 2012

Adventures in Egagement!!

Ashley and Mike are THE Adorable ENGAGED couple of this year;-) Ashley had a killer wardrobe and when I got to her house for  MRTC or Mission Rifle Through your Closet, I was SOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!! There was Bling to left, Bling to the right, dresses, shoes, and feathers.  
Yes, I was about to embark upon a photo adventure like no other. We were sisters on the same mission. The task at hand was to pull together a cool vintage look, that was authentically NOW and we had to convince a man to wear it TOO!! Possible?? Eh...We weren't taking no for an answer.

                    It was Fun, Poignant,  a 'lil' 'bit hokey, but a WHOLE 'lotta SWEET!

          These are the pages from their Wedding Guest book, starting with the cover, back and spine.

 We started our "Hollywood styled" adventure in Fellsmere,  Florida, home of The Famous Frog Leg Festival. More frog legs are eaten here then any other place, at one time, at one gathering. They even made it into the Guinness Book of World Records.
         The Rod and Rifle Club Allowed us a few shots in front of their stately manner, and another gentleman was kind enough to let us use his Vintage Jeep......;-)
        We ended our shoot in Wabasso, train hopping and shell skipping, me clicking happily away.

I rummage through people's closets and watch second hand romance!! What more could a girl want in a job?