Friday, February 24, 2012

Bridal Blah to OMGAGA!

Spice up your bridal look with Flashy-o-nista accessories...Yes, HONEY I said FLASHY!!! I'm making an admission, I don't LOVE to shoot the same ole, same ole, blah blah, white as white can be, wedding. Inspire me with color and texture and your pictures are sure to be completely unique and ones your girlfriends will envy and even try to emulate. Not to mention the fact that you will have given me the greatest gift of all, an inspiring portfolio. They'll call you a TRENDSETTING DIVA.

This shoot was visually stimulating!!! lol....I got to use the word stimulating!
OMG!! You plan on doing this ONCE,  so go out on a limb and make it ENCHANTING.
     We featured Bright, colorful bouquets with jeweled bits all over, and matching, jaunty hats with blushing blushers. We cooled it off with gorgeous shades of white and peach along with Feathers, raw silk flowers, winter berries and Gerber wrapped in pearls!
    Remind me why being feminine is so much fun? Oh wait, I just did!     

 If you're crafty, you may want to try your hand with a glue gun. I made the piece in the upper left corner. The jewels in the center of the silk roses were  earrings that were way too heavy to wear on the ears. I added a vintage hanky and a few feathers. The recycled ear fodder gave this blusher the right amount of romantic blingy. Buying a BOWDABRA is perfect for making neat bows of all sizes, and TRUST me when I say it should be a staple item in your craft arsenal. You can pick one up at Walmart for a whopping $13.96.

  Heavy earrings make earlobes saggy and baggy. You'll regret wearing them usually after its too late!! ( more on plucking the eyebrows too thin down a photo.)

If you don't happen to be the adventurous, crafty sort and want to rely on someone else's creativity, I found a girl on Etsy, THE WEDDING DRESSER, who dresses brides in true theatrical style.This ETSY store features feathery wraps and gorgeous hair accessories. They even recycle your gown when the whole hullabaloo is over. This includes dying it, and cutting it up??? Say what??? I want to get remarried just to have my gown restyled!

They don't grow back after a while gals, so BEEEEE careful.
  Favorite items from THE WEDDING DRESSER's SHOP :
These were MY personal favorites, yours may be different.
Flowers by:
 Pink Pelican Florist
Gowns provided by :
Aurora Unique Bridal Boutique
LA Bridal
Lara's Theme Bridal Boutique
Lindsay Naffziger
Cindy Goetz
Photography: ME

POST SCRIPT:  The other option could just say "Pfff", and wear red.
This was shot in White Sands, New Mexico

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